The Observation and Measurement Platforms

his platform consists of measurement and observation tools which are complementary to the equipment used on the other technical platforms. It has different cameras which enable visible or infrared imaging in order to obtain better definition of local behaviors of heterogeneous materials. Microscopic means (optical, SEM, etc) are used for the microstructural analysis of the materials (granular structure, texture, chemical composition, etc) and fracture surfaces..

Our equipment

The PHOTRON SA-X2 high speed camera

The PHOTRON SA-X2 is a high speed camera which enables the filming and observation of a test with a number of images per second that can reach 1 million fps.

Gom Aramis 2M, 4M, 5M digital image stereo correlation systems

IRDL uses three systems : GOM ARAMIS 2M, 4M and 5M. These systems consist of two cameras and post-processing software which enable the measurement of 3D kinematic fields by stereo correlation of digital images.

The VHX-5000 digital optical microscope

The Keyence VHX-5000 digital microscope enables X20 to X5000 magnification during optical image acquisition. The microscope also enables surface measurements, the acquisition and measurement of surfaces in 3D and provides automatic image assembly.

FLICR SC7000 infrared cameras

IRDL has two FLICR SC7000 infrared cameras. They enable measurement of the thermal field during mechanical testing.

Feritscope FMP30

The FMP30 FERITSCOPE measures ferrite content through magnetic induction. It does this in two ways : through the percentage of ferrites Fe and the number of ferrites FN.

The SERVATHIN climatic chamber

IRDL has two SERVATHIN climatic chambers. They enable mechanical testing in a controlled environment in terms of temperature and hygrometry.

Salin Ascott The Ascott salt fog climatic chamber

The salt fog climatic chamber enables standardized tests on the resistance of metallic materials to corrosion. With a volume of 1000L, the temperature can be varied from ambient to 50°C.

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