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The Institut de Recherche Dupuy-de-Lôme  has 300 members from 6 cotutelle or joint collaboration establishments: the graduate and post graduate engineering school ENSTA Bretagne, the graduate engineering school ENIB, the universities of Western and Southern Brittany UBO and UBS and the CNRS French National Center for Scientific Research.

The Research Institute of ENSTA Bretagne

The result of 200 years of training in Brest and in its current form since 1971, ENSTA Bretagne comprises a graduate and post graduate engineering school and multi-disciplinary research institute.

Its research covers: 

  • Material and Structural Mechanics (Institut de Recherche Dupuy-de-Lôme).
  • Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (Lab-STICC).
  • Human and Social Sciences (the Centre de Recherche sur la Formation or Training Research Center).

The school boasts extensive research facilities on campus.
200 research professors, engineers, technicians, doctoral and post doctoral fellows work at ENSTA Bretagne’s research institute.

To find out more about ENSTA Bretagne : www.ensta-bretagne.fr

Phone +33 (0)2 98 34 88 00


2 rue François Verny
29806 Brest Cedex 09

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